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Shellac Fall Colors

Are you looking for the perfect Shellac fall colors to wear on your nails. Well CND has created some amazing fall colors for Shellac for the fall of 2012. We think that you are really going to like them.

First on the list is Shellac Faux Fur Nail Polish.

CND Shellac Fall 2012 Faux Fur

Second on the list for CND Shellac Fall Colors is Shellac Midnight Swim Nail Polish.

CND Shellac Fall 2012 Midnight Swim

Third on the list is Overtly Onyx Shellac Polish.

CND Shellac Fall 2012 Overtly Onyx

Fourth is the polish Pretty Poison.

CND Shellac Fall 2012 Pretty Poison

The fifth Shellac fall color is Sugared Spice.

CND Shellac Fall 2012 Sugared Spice

The sixth and final fall color by CND for Shellac is Vexed Violette.

CND Shellac Fall 2012 Vexed

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