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Red Satin: China Glaze Polish

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Red Satin: China Glaze Polish

Product Features

  • Red Satin China Glaze Polish is a deep yet soft red color.
  • This color is perfect for many occasions but is especially suited for the Christmas Season.
  • This nail polish is part of the Holiday Joy Collection.
  • China Glaze Nail Lacquer is a first-rate lacquer that gives superb end results.
  • Over thirteen years of established top quality.
  • Has China Glaze clay.
  • China Glaze Clay is utilized to provide porcelain its gleaming surface finish.
  • China Glaze brings each and every nail lacquer an exceptionally glossy finish.
  • System which is chip resistant.
  • Swift drying.
  • This nail lacquer was created to ensure that you get a lasting manicure.

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  1. carmen on April 6, 2013 at 3:52 am

    Please send me a list with products and prices so I know and be able to buy, my English is not very good thank you await your response. This is my p o box 11301 san juan p r 00910 – 2401

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Red Satin is a perfect name for this nail polish color. Being that it is part of the Holiday Collection it is bound to bring cheer to everyone who wears it. Although it is great for Christmas nail art and designs it is a wonderful color for other seasons and events as well.