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Pretty Poison Shellac Nail Polish

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Pretty Poison Shellac Nail Polish

Avg. Price: $12 – $15

Product Features

  • Midnight Swim Shellac Nail Polish is a complete power nail polish which is a part of the Shellac Power Polish System.
  • Right after getting Shellac Nails from a trained nail specialist your fingernails or toenails are 100% finished. Not ever again should you be worried about your new manicure chipping while looking for your car keys, your cell phone, or even just opening up a door. CND Shellac has absolutely zero dry time!
  • This nail polish does not have odor.
  • CND Midnight Swim Polish is not going to ruin your fingernails. It truly is 100% 3-free (it’s made up of absolutely zero DBP, formaldehyde, (toluene) & dibutyl phthalate).
  • It will take merely a half-hour from beginning to end.
  • For a Midnight Swim Shellac Manicure you simply need two layers of this shade, only one layer of base coat and also one layer of top coat.
  • After drying the CND Shellac Polish will have a great shine.. Count on it to practically seem wet for a whole fourteen days.
  • To remove CND Shellac is a lot easier than apply the system. The procedure usually takes merely minutes and also will not harm your fingernails. Absolutely no manicure files are used while removing Midnight Swim Shellac Polish.

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Pretty Poison! What a fun name for a polish right? This color is an green apple sucker green but maybe a little darker. Use this color with the Shellac system. It can also be used for Shellac layering which can make different shades of colors other than the ones offered by CND.


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