Name: Jocelyn
Interests: Family, Nails, Water, Shopping, Crossfit
Age: Somewhere in my 20s

About Me & My Nail Art Website

Hey ladies, my name is Jocelyn and I am a Southern Peach who loves to do nail art. My favorite thing about this adventure of blogging/sharing my designs is connecting with people like you. Make sure you say hi & instroduce yourself. You can find my designs, pictures, and videos here on my site & on my Polishpedia Youtube Channel. I love to hear from other nail enthusiasts. You can easily connect with me on Instagram @ polishpedia_x.

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A Cute Spring Nail Design

Spring Flower Nail Art video tutorial! Watch this easy step by step video tutorial to learn how to do these spring flower nails. Created by Jocelyn!

Looking for a cute valentines day nails idea. Here is one of our designs by Jocelyn!

Learn how to do Polka Dot Hearts Valentines Nail Art with this how to video!

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