Name: Jocelyn
Interests: Family, Nails, Water, Shopping, Crossfit
Age: Somewhere in my 20s

About Me & My Nail Art Website

Hey ladies, my name is Jocelyn and I am a Southern Peach who loves to do nail art. My favorite thing about this adventure of blogging/sharing my designs is connecting with people like you. Make sure you say hi & instroduce yourself. You can find my designs, pictures, and videos here on my site & on my Polishpedia Youtube Channel. I love to hear from other nail enthusiasts. You can easily connect with me on Instagram @ polishpedia_x.

*Tip: You can search everything on my site really easily through the search bar above.


Cute Beach Nail Design!

Wether you are preparing to go to the beach or day dreaming about your perfect beach trip, these nails will definitely get you in the mood for that perfect sandy day! Follow this simple nail art tutorial on how to get Coral Reef Nails and who knows, you just might…

Easy Patriotic Nails!

4th of July is definitely one of my favorite holidays. I love how we all get together to celebrate freedom. There is so much to love about living in the Untied States of America. I hope this simple 4th of July nail art is the type of design that you…

Get Ready For St Patricks Day!

St Patrick's day is just around the corner and this nail art is the luckiest thing you could do to your nails! It is fun and easy to create! The only requirements are to be able to see individual pieces of glitter and you can do it!

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