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OPI Axxium

OPI Axxium continues to be a popular choice among women when visiting the salon. Salons around the U.S. have been offering the axxium gel from OPI for almost 5 years. For 5 years women have been enjoying at least 2 weeks of flawless wear.


OPI Axxium gives women at least 2 weeks of flawless wear. The nails are durable, do not scratch, or smudge. With these types of results it is obvious why women are choosing the axxium gel for their nails. They are assured that their nails will last.

Not only does this axxium gel system last it also has 50 different shades of color to choose from. From OPI Red to Alpine Snow women can match any occasion with the perfect Axxium colors!

Axxium, like other UV manicures, requires a UV light. The OPI Axxium UV Light is used to cure the gel polish. The UV light is safe.

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