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Not So Ugly Christmas Sweater Nails

Added by: Jocelyn

Christmas Sweater Nails

I bet most of us have been to an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. If not, you should try to attend one this year. But try something a little different. Instead of just wearing an ugly sweater, how about you get some Ugly Christmas Sweater Nails or Not So Ugly, as is the case with this design. But be aware DIY nail artists this nail art design is not so easy to pull off.

Has anyone else tried to do Ugly Christmas Sweater Nails? If yes, do you agree with me or disagree with me on their difficulty?

As you can see in the picture above this type of nail art requires a lot of detailed lines and dots. If you are brand new to nail art, I wouldn't expect to get these types of amazing results. I have been doing nail art for a long time and the first time trying them didn't turn out so well. That is why I was so impressed with this design done by Allison.

Allison, all of the lines look perfect. Your flowers on the index fingers look great. Great job at replicating the Christmas sweater look on both hands. I can't believe how identical it all looks. :)

Thank You Allison

Thank you so much Allison for letting me post your beautiful Christmas nails here on Polishpedia. You really did a fantastic job. How long have you been doing nail art?

P.S. Please tag @polishpedia in your future nail art tweets so that I get updated. I can't wait to see your amazing talent for nail art again with your next design.


~Jocelyn (Nail Artist @ Polishpedia)

One Response to Not So Ugly Christmas Sweater Nails

  1. Mel on December 17, 2013 at 10:56 am

    OMG now I have to do this! My right hand will probably turn out completely wonky because I’m right-handed, and it will probably take me hours to paint all those tiny little lines and dots, and it will probably only last a day before it starts chipping, and then I’ll be mad that all my hard work got ruined, but… I think I have to do it anyway because it’s ugly Christmas sweater nail art! What a stellar idea! 😀

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