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New Fall Shellac Colors

Ladies we are only 1 month away from new magical shellac colors. CND is coming out with even more beautiful colors. We are soooo excited for these new colors. They look absolutely amazing.


With these six new colors shellac has 30 color options to choose from. That isn’t even including the layering options which we will have to dive into in a future post! We want to know what you think of these new colors. The most different colors seem to be the Purple Purple and the Hotski To Tchotchke…(however that is said).

We want to know what you think of each individual color.

  • Zillionaire Shellac Polish
  • Studio White Shellac Polish
  • Moonlight & Roses Shellac Polish
  • Purple Purple Shellac Polish
  • Asphalt Shellac Polish
  • Hotski To Tchotchke Shellac Polish


Let us know what new shellac colors you are most excited about. We only have to wait until September, 2011 to start enjoying!

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