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Is Shellac Nail Polish Safe

is shellac nail polish safe

With so many women getting Shellac Nail Polish at the salon these days some are wondering is Shellac Nail Polish safe?

The answer is yes and here is why.

  1. Shellac Nail Polish is 3 free. This means that Shellac does not contain any DBP (dibutyl phthalate), formaldehyde, and toluene.
  2. To apply and remove Shellac Nail Polish there is absolutely zero use of a file. This is great because the nail is never filed down which often causes a weakening of the natural nails.
  3. CND has also designed a special wrap for removing the Shellac Nail Polish. These CND wraps are designed to reduce the contact of acetone to the the skin around the nails. Too much acetone on the nails will dry out the nails and that is why the wraps are a must when removing Shellac.

Is Shellac Hypo-Allergenic?

Some clients can be sensitive to photo-initiators. Shellac Nail Polish uses a low leve of them.

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