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How To Do OPI Axxium

Need To Know how to do OPI Axxium?

Watch this how to tutorial for OPI Axxium:

The video below describes exactly How To Do OPI Axxium. It gives each step in exact description. Remember to prepare the nails properly before starting the process. You want to make sure that each nail is clean and free of cuticles, particles, and anything else that would interfere with the gels application.


how to do opi axxium

  1. Prepare Nails
  2. Add Two Layers of Soak Off Gel Base To The First Four Fingers
  3. Cure Gel Base for 1 Minute
  4. Apply Two Layers of OPI Axxium Gel Colors
  5. Cure Gel For 2 Minutes
  6. Apply 1 Final Color Coat
  7. Cure Gel For 2 Minues
  8. Apply Soak Off Sealer
  9. Cure For 3 Minutes
  10. Cleanse The Nails and Remove Any Gel Residue WIth NAS99

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