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Harmful UV Light Myth: Proven Wrong

True or False?

UV Light Dryers are harmful to skin and can cause cancer? False! Scientific findings prove that UV lamps are not harmful to the skin.

Doug Schoon: Chief Scientist Advisor For CND

“The amount of UV light that comes out of these lamps is significantly less than what is found in direct sun light…”


Shoon and his team wanted some more confirmation on their studies and he got it from Doctor Robert Sayer.

“He is the gentlemen who came up with the SPF rating systmem. What Doctor Robert Sayers’ study shows and again he’s the expert. His study shows that if you spend 30 minutes in the least risky of all these types of tanning beds that is the equivalent to more than a year of shellac manicures.”

In fact his study is showing that you are more likely to get more harmful UV rays to your hands while driving than while getting a shellac manicure.

Myth Proven Wrong: News Video Feed

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