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Wicked China Glaze Collection Artwork Was Stolen?

wicked China Glaze Collection Artwork was Stolen

Did you see the Wicked China Glaze collection for Halloween? I did and I fell in love with it…well I guess I fall in love with almost every nail polish collection but with this collection it looks like I didn’t know that I was also falling in love with Abigail Larson’s artwork.

Who is Abigail Larson?

Abigail Larson is a well know artist whose main focus is on the haunted things of this world. She has been featured in many shows across the United States. She illustrates for books, does private works for clients, and creates creepy crawly artwork for her personal enjoyment…well that is what I got out of her bio on her website.

Did China Glaze Steal Abigail’s Artwork?

Soon after the Wicked China Glaze Collection was released Abigail noticed her artwork and accused China Glaze of stealing it. She notified them that she was going to take legal action and she urged her fans and supporters to not purchase their product. These are her words taken from her facebook page.

I was just alerted that China Glaze has used my artwork on their “Wicked” series product without my permission. I’ve already taken the legal steps to clear it up, but please, please don’t buy this product if you see it in stores! I was not compensated, or even asked if they could mutilate my artwork for their products. It’s really sickening.

Very soon after Abigail made China Glaze aware of the situation they responded to her.

We would like to actually thank all of you for bringing to our attention the similarity of our “Wicked” art to that of the talented Abigail Larson. China Glaze had hired an outside contract artist from the LA area to help us develop what we thought was an original piece of art for this collection.

Since China Glaze’s response to Abigail the situation seems to have avoided any law suit between Abigail and China Glaze. However, the problem now lies between the artist who copied Abigail’s artwork and China Glaze. For Abigail Larson the situation seems to be in her favor with potential art contracts for future creepy crawly artwork. Maybe we should expect some more of her artwork appearing on the 2013 Halloween collection by China Glaze.

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