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Green and Red Peppermint Nails

Added by: Jocelyn

Green and Red Peppermint Nails

Christmas time is full of peppermint candy and I love it! The food and candy during Christmas is just one of the magical aspects of the holiday season. The magic has been especially abundant for me this Christmas season because I have seen more Christmas Nails' Designs that mimic Christmas food than any other. Among these have been many Christmas candy nail designs. Although I have seen so many of them, when I saw this design I immediately wanted to be eating some peppermint candies.

Thank You Wendy

I wish I could say that I am the artist of these beautiful green and red peppermint nails but I am not. Wendy is the amazing artist. Thank you so much Wendy for allowing me to feature your yummy candy peppermint nails. I would love to see your nail art in the future. Please keep us in mind by tagging your next nail art on twitter with @polishpedia so I get updated immediately. :)

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