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Gelish Lamp

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Gelish Lamp

Price: $200 – $230

Product Features

  • The LED Gelish Lamp is created to cure the Nail Harmony Gelish Gels with LED light.
  • The lamps has a total of 6 bulbs that are 5 watt. The bulbs are situated to guarantee that each nail receives a good even cure.
  • Remember that it is very important to cure the nails for the correct curing time.

Additional Information About UV Lamps and Curing Gel Polish

If you are wanting to do Gelish, you are going to need a Ultraviolet lamp in order to cure the nail gel. The question is which lamp is the best and do you need the Gelish lamp?

Every manufacturer or developer of UV manicures seems to create their own version of Ultraviolet lamp.


Because each UV manicure is different and the makers lamp is almost always specifically designed for their unique manicure system. If you want to guarantee the best results, the wisest thing to do is use the lamp designed for the product system. Below is the Gelish lamp created by nail harmony.

Gelish Lamp Reviews

Gelish Lamp Reviews
~ I’ve used the G6 lamp to cure the gel nail polish and it really does work well. This lamp is super easy to use and it is more compact than other lamps. I am happy and definitely satisfied with my purchase for this lamp.

~ If for some reason your at home gel is not working as expected, most likely it is your ultraviolet lamp. If you get this lamp, you are almost sure to do UV manicures like a professional.

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The 6G Gelish LED Light has been created to cure Gelish. This light has a total of 6 5 watt LED lights. The lights are properly positioned so that all the nails get cured evenly. This lamp usually comes with a one year manufacturers warranty.