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Gargantuan Green Grape: OPI Nail Polish

Buy Gargantuan Green Grap OPI Nail Polish

Gargantuan Green Grape OPI Nail Polish

Product Features

  • Gargantuan Green Grape OPI Nail Polish is DBP (dibutyl phthalate) Toluene, and Formaldehyde free. In 2006 OPI went through significant difficulties to produce their nail products more healthy and removed DBP and Toluene. Their hard work symbolize their care for their clients.
  • OPI’s nail lacquers are really known across the world as being top quality products.
  • This nail lacquer is not going to bubble like several cheaper quality nail lacquer products.

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Online you will often see images of the Gargantuan Greep Grape OPI polish that don't actually reflect what it looks like. It is not a bright green like a grape but it is more of a pastel green the is lighter rather than darker or brighter. "It is a great color to work with." ~ Polishpedia