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Does Shellac Work for Short Nails?

Shellac on Short NailsFrom: Jocelyn our local nail guru!

So you have short nails and are wondering if Shellac works on short nails

The quick and easy answer is yes…but

There is always a but. Are you getting your nails done professionally or doing them yourself?

Why Do I Ask?

Because over 4,000 women every month come to me because their Shellac Nails are not lasting 2 weeks. I want your Shellac Nails to last the full 2 weeks.

Here is something I have put together for you!

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Now Here is Some More About Shellac For Short Nails!

The shellac nails system is basically like painting your own nails with polish. There is no glueing, or adding of any damaging products to your nails. Shellac Is Perfect for Short Nails!

If you want to learn how to do your own Shellac Nails, I would suggest that you first start with my Free Top 3 Shellac Mistakes PDF File.

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