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Deviantly Daring: China Glaze Polish

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Deviantly Daring China Glaze Polish

Product Features

  • Deviantly Daring China Glaze Polish is a brilliant color.
  • China Glaze Lacquer is a top-notch nail lacquer that makes awesome outcomes.
  • Over thirteen years of established top quality.
  • Consists of China Glaze clay.
  • China Glaze Clay is utilized to provide porcelain its gleaming surface finish.
  • China Glaze brings each and every nail lacquer an exceptionally glossy finish.
  • System that is certainly chip resistant.
  • Fast drying.
  • This nail polish is created to provide you with a lasting manicure.

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Deviantly Daring China Glaze Polish is part of their Bohemian Collection. The color is a shade of blue, teal, and turquoise. In fact it is a little hard to say all the colors they used to make this shade. Whatever they did it definitely fits in well in the Bohemian Collection.