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CND Shellac Lamp

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CND Shellac Lamp

Avg. Price: $90 – $120

Product Features

  • The CND Shellac Lamp is a necessary part of the Shellac system. The lamp is specifically designed to cure the Shellac product on the nails so that they last for at least 2 weeks.
  • This UV lamp cures Shellac nails and it also cures CND’s Brisa Gel.
  • 36 watt lamp that distributes the light evenly across all the nails.
  • This lamp is the perfect size for all five fingers. No need to cure the thumbs seperately with the CND Shellac UV Lamp.
  • The Shellac light comes with timer settings to help curing. It is very important that the curing is not cute shore and that it is not extended.

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Do you want a 2 week flawless manicure? CND has created Shellac as a system with each part and product tested. To get the best results it is highly recommended that the entire Shellac system is used. The lamp is a key feature in the flawless manicure.