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Christmas Present Nail Design

Added by: Jocelyn

Christmas Present Nail Design

So whenever I do a nail design I often, afterwards, tend to look at designs similar to mine or that have the same theme. For example, I have been doing Christmas nails for two weeks now and every time I do a design I find myself looking for similar designs afterwards. Just recently I did a Christmas present nail art design and today I found myself looking at this Christmas present nail design by Lori.

Thank You Lori!

Thank you so much Lori for allowing me to share your Christmas present nail design here on Polishpedia. I think that you did a great job. My favorite part about your design is the gold glitter between the bow...and the red glitter polish...and your perfect lines for the bow...and I am kind of a succor for accent nail art. I guess you could say that I liked all of your design. :)

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