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Blue Sparrow (Neon): China Glaze Polish

Buy Blue Sparrow (Neon): China Glaze Polish

Blue Sparrow (Neon): China Glaze Polish

Product Features

  • Blue Sparrow (Neon) China Glaze Polish is a deep blue color with glitter.
  • This color is neon.
  • China Glaze Nail Polish is a top-notch nail lacquer that makes excellent end results.
  • Over thirteen years of established top quality.
  • Consists of China Glaze clay.
  • China Glaze Clay is utilized to bring porcelain its glistening surface finish.
  • China Glaze brings every single lacquer a wonderfully glossy finish.
  • System that is certainly chip resistant.
  • Fast drying.
  • This nail polish will definitely provide you with a lasting manicure.

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Do you love deep blue nail polishes? If yes, then the Blue Sparrow polish by China Glaze is just right for you. Although at first glance it looks like it is a solid blue it actually has hints of glitter in it. Remember as well that this color is categorized as a neon polish although it is not an extreme neon color.