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Asphalt Shellac Nail Polish

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CND Shellac

Product Features

  • Asphalt Shellac Nail Polish is a genuine power nail polish which is a part of the Shellac Polish CND System.
  • The second after getting Shellac CND from a professional technician your fingernails are 100% finished. Not ever again do you need to fret about your polish chipping while trying to find your car keys, your cell phone, or even just opening up a door. Shellac Nails features an absolutely zero dry time!
  • This product does not have odor.
  • Asphalt Shellac is not going to ruin your fingernails. It truly is 100% 3-free (it’s made up of absolutely zero DBP, formaldehyde, (toluene) & dibutyl phthalate).
  • It will take merely half an hour from beginning to end.
  • For an Asphalt Shellac Manicure you simply need two layers of this shade, one layer of base coat and also a layer of top coat.
  • After drying the CND Shellac Polish will have an excellent shine. Count on it to pretty much seem wet for a whole fourteen days.
  • To remove CND Shellac is a lot easier than applying it. The procedure will take merely minutes and also will not deteriorate your fingernails. Absolutely zero manicure files are used while removing Asphalt Shellac Polish.

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After having such a huge success with the original set of Shellac colors CND decided to launch even more. Thanks to the additional colors women now have this amazing Asphalt color to choose from when using the Shellac system.