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.125 oz CND Solar Oil: mini

Buy .125 CND Solar Oil Mini

.125 oz CND Solar Oil

Product Features

  • .125 oz CND Solar Oil is a mini version of the largest bottle of solar oil. This .125 oz bottle of solar oil is a perfect on the go mini bottle. Take it with you wherever you go.
  • It contains vitamin E and light oils.
  • The mixture of products helps bring the needed therapy for your dry or damaged cuticles.
  • Vitamin E does so much. Its inclusion in this oil helps reduce skin aging and helps your skin feel soft.

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Go with the .125 oz CND Solar Oil bottle for on the go. Don't worry about taking your biggest bottle with you wherever you go because now you don't have to. This fits perfectly into pockets, small purses, or any other small containers. You never know when your cuticles will need that extra therapy.