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Silhouette Halloween Nail Art

October 26, 2012

Silhouette Halloween Nail Art

Added by: Jocelyn

Flawless Halloween Nails!

I think everyone will agree with me that these Silhouette Halloween Nails are flawless. They are amazing to look at and I imagine even more exciting and amazing to wear.

I wish I could say that this art work was my own but I have to give 100% credit to the talented Catriona. I was browsing the internet during my nail art research time (I love this time it! It really isn’t work but the most wonderful time of the day!!!) and I came across her silhouette Halloween nail art. I think I just looked at it for minutes in awww.

My first question to Catriona was if she did them herself. She said yes and then she informed me that it was all hand painted. I don’t even think stamps look that good. I was impressed.

Thank you Catriona!

These types of nail art designs are so inspiring and I am so thankful that you allowed me to share this design with our visitors here at Polishpedia. I hope one day I can be as talented as you with nail art. Oh and don’t leave me out of the loop with your future nail art. If you tweet about it, please tag @polishpedia so that I don’t miss your designs. You are truly talented. How long have you been doing nail art?

Catriona Is Accepting Clients!!!

Catriona is not only an amazing nail artist but she is a professional nail artist that gets paid to do other’s nails. If you are interested and in Huntingdon, UK, use the contact information below to contact her.

Basic Info

Name: Catriona Elliott
Founded: April 28, 2007
Location: The Retreat 1a George Street, Huntingdon, PE29 3AD

2nd Place Beauty Uk Top Tech Photographic Nail Art Award 2012
Placed Top 20 Scratch Shoot Out Competition 2011
Placed Top 20 Nail Team Bridal Photographic Competition 2011
Runner up Professional Beauty Rising Star of the Year 2009
1st Place Professional Beauty International Tip and Overlay Novice Competition

Contact Info:

Phone:01480 700621 or 07850360789
Email:catrionaelliottnails (at) gmail (dot) com
Facebook: Nails by Catriona
Twitter: Nails by Catriona


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  1. Jaycie on February 22, 2013 at 9:51 pm

    I like these nails but prolly not on me lol but I like them on u

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