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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Belle Inspired Vintage Nail Art

I recently fell in love with the new movie Belle! It is an amazing film that is based off a true story! In the movie there were many beautiful designs and patterns that inspired this nail art design.
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Glitter Pieces French Tip

Love the timeless look of a French tip but want a way to jazz it up? Try this classy look with a glitzy twist of glitter.
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Delicious Kiwi Nails

kiwi nails

I love everything about a kiwi, from their fuzzy skin to their crunchy seeds on the inside! What I love most about the kiwi though is how pretty and symmetrical they are when you cut them open. Oh yeah, and how delicious they taste of course! When you follow this easy tutorial you too...
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Crushin’ Coral Nail Art


Wether you are preparing to go to the beach or day dreaming about your perfect beach trip, these nails will definitely get you in the mood for that perfect sandy day! Follow this simple nail art tutorial on how to get Coral Reef Nails and who knows, you just might find yourself on the...
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