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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Road Map Nail Art


I would have to say that road map nail art is one of my favorite designs to look at. It is kind of weird that I like it so much because I don’t like looking at maps for fun or anything. Maybe it is the fact that a map is actually on the nail....
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Pink Velvet Nails


What is your favorite color for velvet nails? Pink...Purple...
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Purple & Gold Glitter Ombre Nails


Purple & Gold Glitter Ombre Nails. It's time to get your chic on!
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Neon Pink French Tip Nails


A french tip nail design that is less elegant and more flashy!
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How To Do OPI Gelcolor


Learn how to use this professional product to get a 2 week flawless manicure by OPI Gelcolor.
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Pink & Black Ombre Polka Dots


This nail art was created by Erin McWhirt. Erin is a regular visitor of Polishpedia and fell in love with our We are always so excited when our Gradient Polka Dot Nails so she decided to try them out on her own nails. She did a fabulous job!
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Blue Ombre Polka Dots With Glitter


We are always so excited when our website visitors re-create our nail art. Erin McWhirt, one of our visitors, was inspired by our Gradient Polka Dot Nails video and so she did her own. “Thanks Erin for loving our nail art enough to do it on your own nails!” ~ Polishpedia
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How To Remove Shellac Nail Polish


This is a complete how to article for removing shellac nail polish. It includes both a step by step video tutorial and written instructions for you. Watch how it is done before picking off your Shellac Nail Polish. It is easier than you think!

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Can I Get My Velvet Nails Wet?


So what happens exactly when velvet nails get wet? This article talks about this very question.
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Teal Cheetah Print Nails


  Sassy Teal Cheetah Nails When I thought about doing a cheetah print nails design today I knew that it needed to be something unique. I thought long and hard about what colors to use and how to design the cheetah prints on the nails. After brainstorming about the best color combo I came...
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Gold Glitter Nails


This design looks amazing and it is super easy to do. Gold Glitter Nails!!! I love them.
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Gradient Polka Dot Nails


These gradient polka dot nails to me are completely different than other polka dots that I have seen or had on my nails. I guess I would categorize them as more mature polka dot nails.
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Liquid Leather: China Glaze Polish


Do you need a really black nail polish? The liquid leather polish by China Glaze is just that...a dark dark black. In fact it is part of their Halloween collection called spellbound.
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Deviantly Daring: China Glaze Polish


Deviantly Daring China Glaze Polish is part of their Bohemian Collection. The color is a shade of blue, teal, and turquoise. In fact it is a little hard to say all the colors they used to make this shade. Whatever they did it definitely fits in well in the Bohemian Collection....
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Pool Party: China Glaze Polish


This China Glaze color is a great summer color. Use it to draw attention to your nails or just to have fun! The color is a bright hot pink.
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Yellow Polka Dot Bikini: China Glaze Polish


Get your nails to pop with this neon yellow color from China Glaze. There are so many adorable color combinations with this color. Use it as a french tip on a black manicure, use it for polka dots with a pastel pink, or if you really love this color just paint your...
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