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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Puss in Boots Nails


The design is fairly simple but you are going to need to be patient since puss has a bunch of features that need to be painted separately. This will require you to wait to paint his next facial feature until the previous one is all dry.
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Peace Sign Nail Art


This nail design was inspired by an outfit Lady Gaga was wearing. Thanks for the Peace Sign Nail Art inspiration.
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Heart Nail Art


Although valentine's day is a big day for hearts, love and romance it is not the only day to wear hearts.
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Chic Polka Dot Nails


This nail art was particularly exciting for me because I love doing polka dots. Polka dot nail art is so eye catching and is actually pretty easy to do.
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Flower Nail Art


Don't you absolutely love this flower nail art? I do! Since this is my very first nail art for my elegant tuesday series I wanted it to really impress and I feel that this nail design does just that.
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Nautical Nails


  Nautical Nails Tutorial Monday Series: Blogger Inspired How much do you love nautical themes? If not that is ok, but I am a little obsessed with them. My baby boy’s room is nautical themed and now my nails are nautical as well. I love them! This particular nail art is part of our...
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French Manicure Tips


This is a video tutorial. * scroll down to watch the video The french manicure is timeless. It doesn’t seem to mater what is trending in fashion because the french manicure has always been and continues to be a top choice for women when going to the salon. Not only is it popular among...
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Tiger Nails


This is a video tutorial. * scroll down to watch the video It is no secret that animal print nails are very desirable. Tiger nails are one of my favorite animal print nails…who am I kidding, I love all animal print nails and get even more excited with every nail design I try. These...
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Hello Kitty Nail Art


This is a video tutorial. * scroll down to watch the video Hello Kitty is an icon loved by thousands if not millions of women & girls all around the world. We had to pay our respects to this unmatched kitty cat by creating a custom Hello Kitty Nail Art Tutorial. Our goal with...
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Zipper Nail Art


This is a video tutorial. * scroll down to watch the video Have you seen zipper nail art before? This new zipper nail design is a brand new look that is becoming more and more popular. It is extremely easy to do and it will definitely get you the positive attention that you are...
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Velvet Nails


This is a video tutorial. * scroll down to watch the video I am so excited about these velvet nails! This tutorial has been long anticipated and I am glad that you finally get a chance to see them done. Aren’t they so beautiful. When women first hear about a velvet manicure they don’t...
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Ciate Caviar Nails: Nail Polish Brand Steps on Bloggers Toes


Everyday bloggers and fellow DIY nail enthusiasts talk about what is new on the nail polish racks. There are constantly new designs, new ideas, and even brand new companies popping up to represent them. With so much happening in the nail polish industry there is bound to be some clashing of teeth and butting...
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Caviar Nails


This is a video tutorial. * scroll down to watch the video Caviar Nails are one of the newest nail art trends to be loved by women. We love them! This nail art design can be used for all the nails or just for one accent nail. Either way they look amazing. Wear Caviar...
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