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Monthly Archives: September 2011

How To Do Gelish Nails


Gelish Nails are part of the new UV manicure trend. The manicure lasts at least 14 days without chipping or peeling off. This is a tutorial of how the Gelish Nais are applied.
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How To Do OPI Axxium


Need To Know how to do OPI Axxium? Follow this step by step how to do opi axxium tutorial to make sure you are doing it correctly.
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Gelish Nails


Gelish Nails are there for you when you need a flawless 2 week manicure! Nail Harmony has done it again by providing women with this quick and easy new UV Manicure. No longer do you have deal with the pain and damage of acrylic nails. Now you can have Gelish Nails!
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What are Shellac Nails?


Have you been hearing about Shellac Nails and are wondering what are shellac nails? Find out more about shellac nails here.
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Shellac Nail Polish Kit


Get started doing Shellac and start making more money in your salon.
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OPI Axxium UV Light


Buy the OPI Axxium UV Lamp. This lamps is top in the industry in product and comfort. Read the features and reviews and purchase online today.
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OPI Axxium Colors


A complete listed catalog of all the OPI Axxium Colors. Browse the different colors and buy online.
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OPI Axxium


OPI Axxium continues to be a popular choice among women when visiting the salon. Salons around the U.S. have been offering the axxium gel from OPI for almost 5 years. For 5 years women have been enjoying at least 2 weeks of flawless wear.
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OPI Axxium Supplies


A complete list of the OPI Axxium gels ready for purchase.
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