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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Buy Shellac Nail Polish


Where can you buy Shellac Nail Polish? Where to find it online and at local beauty suppliers.
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New Fall Shellac Colors


Are you looking forward to this new fall shellac colors? We are and we want to know what you think about them.
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How long does a Shellac Nail Polish Bottle Last?


How long does a Shellac Nail Polish Bottle Last? We give you the average for each shellac polish bottle.
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CND Shellac Lamp: Do You Take The Film Off?

What to do after purchasing the CND UV Lamp. A quick video guide so that you prepare your lamp correctly.
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What Do You Need For Shellac Nails?


We have provided you a quick list of all the supplies you need in order to offer Shellac Nails. Enjoy and start Shellacing as soon as possible!
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Do I Need The CND UV Lamp?


Have you wondered the following question? Do I Need The CND UV Lamp? Get the answer here.
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CND UV Lamp Index

CND UV Lamp Index

Our directory to everything you need to know about the CND UV Lamp. We are continually adding information for our readers!
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CND UV Lamp: Setup


A complete CND UV Lamp set up guide with a video, tips, and remember points. Don't forget to mail in your warranty.
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Does Shellac Work for Short Nails?


So you have short nails and are wondering if Shellac works on short nails. he shellac nails system is basically like painting your own nails with polish. There are no files, glueing, or adding any damaging products to your nails.
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